Boardgame Potluck @ Craig & Jennie's!

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Boardgame Potluck @ Craig & Jennie’s!

We want to make sure that as many people as possible get to participate in a boardgame night each month since they are the most popular event, so please follow the guidelines on each of the other boardgame nights… if you’ve already gotten into one, please give other people a chance to get into the others.

Grab your favorite board game and some good food, and bring it on over! Geeky board games welcome (Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan)… though if you’re set on playing anything super time-consuming (Risk, Monopoly), your experience might not be as fun/varied.

A bonus note on food: Most people come straight from work without getting a chance to eat dinner. Please be considerate and bring something dinnery, ideally home cooked, and not just crappy snacks. Don’t bring chips and dip (they never get eaten) and please bring something you are willing to (a) eat yourself, and (b) take home afterwards. No food left behind!

Price: Free


95101 San Jose, USA

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