Hyderabad Blues

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Hailed as one of the most brilliant illustrations of Indian cult movie, Hyderabad Blues is the first directorial venture of Nagesh Kukunoor. The film is a witty take on the reverse culture shock that is confronted by many an NRIs as they return home after a prolonged stay abroad. Recipient of the prestigious Audience’s Choice Award for the best film both at Peachtree International Film Festival and Rhode Island Film Festival, this film was well appreciated by the critics and audiences alike in India. One of the most interesting trivia surrounding the movie claims that the movie was shot in only 17 days within a meager budget of 17 lakhs. Indeed, despite the budget and production constraint, the film managed to secure decent theatrical runs as well as favourable movie reviews.

The plot revolves around Varun Naidu, played by director Nagesh Kukunoor, who comes back to India after 12 long years in the United States. Although he returns to his cradle of his growing years, he finds himself alien to the customs and traditions which he had taken for granted earlier. The tongue and cheek dialogue of the film, offered in a pleasant mixture of English, Hindi and Telugu, makes one mindful of the farcical nature of certain aspects of our culture which we are usually oblivious to. While there isn’t any direct condemnation of the Indian culture, many thought-provoking situations are held for public scrutiny and analyses and all done in a humorous and light hearted manner. The highlight of the film arrives when Varun takes to courting an Indian doctor played by Rajshri Nair and the myriad conflicting rules that keep intersecting their paths makes for an entertaining watch. The supporting cast comprising Varun’s parents, relatives and friends all accord succinct and funny snippets of a typical Indian set-up, thus not only adding to the authenticity of the film but also acting as the perfect foil to Varun’s American beliefs. Although the movie ends on a rather fatuous note, its inherent theme is of deeper significance and makes the span of 85 minutes worthwhile.

Hyderabad Blues (1998) was released by Eagle Home Entertainment in DVD format in the year 2010. It is rated U and is in the language of English.

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