Little Krishna - Complete TV Series

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Little Krishna – Complete TV Series (2009) is a compilation of all the episodes of the popular animated TV series, Little Krishna, which aired on Indian Television from 2009. It was produced by the banners of BIG Animation and India Heritage Foundation. The show was about Young Krishna, the avatar or incarnation of Lord Vishnu, a Hindu God. It explores his life in Vrindavan with his parents, his friends and the villagers. However, his life gets a bigger purpose when he realises that he has been born on this Earth to bring about the doom of the evil Kamsa.

Little Krishna is the apple of everyone’s eye in Vrindavan. He is extremely mischievous but nevertheless, adorable and cute at the same time. He spreads love wherever he goes and helps everyone in need. Kamsa, his vicious uncle by birth, however has evil plans set against him, of which little innocent Krishna is unaware of. At the time of Krishna’s birth, it was prophesied that Krishna would be the savior who would save this Earth from the malice of Kamsa by killing him. Kamsa, therefore tries his level-best to end Krishna’s life before he grows up by sending his fierce demons to kill him but each time, he fails in his mission as Krishna, the avatar of Lord Vishnu crushes his demons with unbelievable ease. Little Krishna – Complete TV Series (2009) is about Krishna’s battle against his evil Uncle Kamsa, it is the battle of good against evil and it reinstates faith in the power of virtue over vice.

Little Krishna – Complete TV Series (2009) was released in 2010 by Reliance Home Entertainment. This Little Krishna box set is rated U and comes with English subtitles.

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