Wireless MAC firmware – Embedded

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Wireless MAC firmware – Embedded

Skills: Required Skills:
Should have working experience and expertise in one or more areas listed below: Very strong coding & debugging skills in C
Very strong knowledge and experience in designing protocol stacks under Real-Time Operating Systems (VxWORKS/eCos)
Strong domain knowledge of 802.11 a/b/g/n MAC functions.
Experience in working on embedded systems using a JTAG based debugger/IDE and debugging real-time issues.
Experience in designing to optimize for data and code memory Additional Skill-set: Knowledge of 802.11 extensions such as mesh networks, roaming, P2P, other relevant networking protocols (eg Ethernet).
Experience in handling interoperability issues working with products of different vendors. Core Competencies: Strong in embedded C programming and debugging
Good knowledge of WLAN MAC



Hyderabad, IND

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